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Unleash your life force with the power of cleanse!

One size does not fit all when it comes to healing the body. Constitution, diet and lifestyle have a big influence on how ready people are to do a cleanse, and how stringent a cleanse they can manage. Any number of factors play into the equation, including: how well – or how poorly – they’ve been eating; their relationship with or addiction to foods; their current state of health; and the levels of stress in their daily lives.

Bottom line: not everyone is prepared – physically, mentally or emotionally – to immediately jump into a rigorous detox. So I created a series of nine cleanses to fit different states of readiness – from gentle programs that slowly introduce a vegetarian diet, to green juice fasts that rapidly detox the body and flush the intestinal tract. As you dive into those chapters, you’ll get a sense of which cleanse you feel ready for.

To be certain you understand what you’re getting into, I urge you to read through the earlier sections in the book to get a handle on the cleansing process and learn what you can expect to see and feel.

I’ve tried to make this journey as smooth as possible for you by presenting the information in a light-hearted, easy-to-use and easy-to-understand way. To that end, the book includes: a brief overview of the science behind cleansing and why it works; recipes that use readily available ingredients and require the minimum amount of equipment; hints and fun activities to help minimize the detox symptoms and boost the positive effects of the cleanses; and tactics to help you de-stress and regain your equilibrium.

Finally, there’s information on how to break a cleanse and ease back into a wholesome, daily diet that nurtures your body, mind and spirit. So take time understand the process and know what to expect before jumping in.

A few words of caution: Once you’ve picked a cleanse form the book-check in with your physician or holistic healthcare practitioner to see if it’s right for you, based on pre-existing conditions or medications you might be taking. You may have a medical condition that makes cleansing unwise at this particular point in your life.

Also, know that the cleanses in this book are not ongoing maintenance diets: they’re intended to be done for a limited number of days to help clean out your system and jumpstart a new way of eating. The recipes are packed with enzymes, vitamins and minerals that clear your body, but they don’t have the full-complement of the nutrients your body needs in a long-term daily diet. So, in each case, I’ve provided guidance on how long to follow the program and the maximum number of times a year to do it.

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