Tailored rejuventation programs

Get the most current cleansing tips, and create and easy-to-use program with a healthy fusion of detoxifying recipes, healing exercises, and refreshing movement ideas, designed for body, beauty, and spirit- we can create a 3-day face lift-to an energizing “winter wake up” to a “super slim down” cleanse. Drawing from holistic cooking, ayurvedic medicine, body alchemy, and alternative nutrition, my programs are among the very best, most effective progressive and holistic detox programs currently available.

The objective of our session will be to start with an initial health consultation and then create a personalized cleanse plan focusing on specific health goals. We can focus on weight loss or weight gain or simply well being. I am here to answer any blocks, fears or misconceptions around creating a unique cleanse program that works for your body type and lifestyle. Those that have my book and want to receive more support and guidance can schedule 30 min sessions upon request.

$150 Consultation: By phone or in-person (50 min)
$250 Consultation with detailed plan tailored for your body type and lifestyle sent to you via email, plus follow up callSTANDARD PACKAGE | 6-SESSION DETOX MAKEOVER
This is my most efficient and popular option with clients because it engages you for a significant period of time enabling you to commit to your transformation and experience results. It includes:
*Introductory intake session covering the core principles of detoxification, analysis of your health and consumption history and an overview of goals & strategy for success.
*Health Food Store Walk-Through & shopping trip to introduce detox staples, delicious transition foods and set up for the 1st week of detox;
*Detox Meal Preparation Demo, specially tailored to the your palette and dietary restrictions; in my test kitchen
*Kitchen makeover and re-build for questions and goal setting.
*Follow-Up phone or Skype sessions to keep you on-track, monitor your transition, guide you through your detox experience & ensure maximum results!
You also receive:
Personalized meal plan & delicious recipe suggestions;
Daily email & text support.
Total for 6 sessions $650

Cleanse Consultation $150.00

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