Tailored Wellness Programs



I am thrilled to offer you my NEW clean eating jump-start program. This new program is super easy to follow, and it’s different from other programs that I’ve done in the past. You can stay balanced through the Holiday season or fully jump in after the New Year.


I love this NEW program because it’s easy to follow and it’s grounded in real whole foods. It’s the perfect prescription for weaning yourself off of the standard American diet (SAD), eliminating cravings for sugar, carbs, red meat, alcohol, caffeine and junk food. It’s a nutritional cleanse that leaves you feeling satisfied because it’s delivering what your body is really craving.


It boosts your body’s ability to heal when your system is taxed, gets you back into balance, and lifts you out of any mental fog so you can feel recharged and revitalized. This program is recommended for all and especially people who are looking to lose weight, boost digestion, immune health, fertility, and overall energy level. Let’s work together and “Tune In” to what your body truly craves.


WHAT’S NEW– I’m incorporating green powders + Amino acid supplements, (great for sugar cravings) and a new gut repair protocol. All containing 100% live organic vegan whole foods that are NON-GMO gluten fee (non-genetically modified) and triple certified organic. Depending on your bodies needs we build a plan.
INCLUDES: Phone or Video/Zoom “Tune In” Consultation. You will also receive a tailored program, daily routine, recipes, short cuts, and supplements (green super food powder -balancing and alkalizing) amino acids-burn fat, protein, hormone balance, energy, muscle repair- Apothe-cherry -to promote restful sleep at night)

MORE: I give you short cuts, recipes for smoothies, soups and salads that are nutritionally balanced and combined well for optimal digestion, assimilation, and elimination, plus daily routine, and pantry list and weekly reminders to keep you on track and in the game.

Holiday Special only through December 31st

$250 plus supplements

Usually $450 plus supplements

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