adinaAdina Niemerow began her studies in Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition, at the Heartwood Institute with the renowned leader in Plant-Based Nutrition, Paul Pitchford. Adina completed her culinary education at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and continued studying Holistic Nutrition while teaching and working at many top restaurants and wellness centers including, The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center and the French Laundry.  Adina’s is private Culinary Nutritionist to Fortune 500 CEO’s, top designers, musicians, NFL athletes and Hollywood actors on movie sets. Her celebrated book SUPER CLEANSE is an easy-to-use guide of delicious detoxifying recipes, healing exercises, and refreshing activity ideas, providing twelve different cleanses designed for the beginner and the pro. Most recently Adina completed a Master Certificate in Intuition/Energy Medicine and a Plant-Based Certificate from the Center of Nutrition Studies at Cornell University.


I’d been feeling the need to get off the caffeine merry-go-round and balance my energy somehow so that I could be more effective in my non-profit work, as well as my career and personal life. When I found out Adina was leading a cleanse at Cafe Gratitude, I signed right up – even though it meant an hour and a half drive, each way, for five days.

During the cleanse I experienced a sense of release on every level – physically, emotionally and spiritually. I lost weight, which was great, but that wasn’t the best part. By the fifth day, my values and purpose came into sharp relief. I was clear about my purpose to help heal the planet. My communications with other people became much more direct and loving as I began to feel more connected to everyone around me.

I’d never seen the connection between diet and the state of my relationships (as well as the state of the world) with so much clarity. And I realized that what I brought into my body and the lifestyle I chose were the keys to maintaining the level of clarity and peace I had found. It was an extremely intense, but enjoyable, learning experience that will influence the rest of my life.

The Urban Revitalizer Cleanse gave me a lot more appreciation for the complexity of the human body. We might be able to operate on the outside edges of balance for a long time and get by okay. But I’ve slowly realized that this body is the only place my soul gets to live on this earth. It makes an incredible difference when I simply give my body the basics it needs on a consistent basis, and not stress it with junk. I like ice cream and the occasional piece of cake just like every one else – and the homemade chips from my local French cafe are a real treat – but it’s all about moderation and keeping things in balance.

It’s so much easier to live in balance than I ever imagined. When I paid attention to putting high-quality, highly nutritious foods into my system, I got a clear and energized. From there, I could see that the same thing goes for the other things you bring into your life –toxic thoughts, beliefs or people bring you down, while positive ones nurture, enrich and nourish you.

I will definitely do this again – I think of it as my personal spring cleaning!

After purchasing Super Cleanse in June, I did the Urban detox and lost 5 pounds, gained better sleep and just felt a lot more energized. Where does the bloat go? I don’t know, but within 2 days my stomach was flatter than it had been in a long time and with no crunches!

I have to do a lot of travel for work and I brought the book along – it’s the perfect size and weight – on my next trip. I found I could actually use some of the day fasts and other plans while on the road. Instead of gaining weight due to odd hours working and being away from my own kitchen, I actually lost 3 pounds over a 10 day trip. I LOVE this book. There is variety, great tasting foods and I feel like I’m learning how to keep my body in tune. It’s not all clinical and it really is kind of fun to try out the different regimes. I know they are safe, well researched and tested and that Adina Niemerow knows what she’s doing. This is no fad approach. You can use the ideas and cleanses in this book in your real life. It’s so much easier than I thought to really learn how to live and eat a better way. And who doesn’t want to lose the bloat and unbalanced feeling you get from travel, stress and “holiday” (ok, weekend party) eating and festivities? Try this with some friends. It’s easy and really can be fun!

I had been wanting to do one of Adina’s cleanses she does out of Cafe Gratitude nearby, but they are pretty expensive, so when this book came out I was really excited. A friend and I did the Three Day Face Lift Cleanse. There was plenty of food and you eat often, so we were never hungry, and by the end we felt absolutely amazing. We had so much energy and were couldn’t believe what three days of eating differently can do.

There are different lengths and levels of cleanses to choose from, ranging from an all vegetarian food cleanse for people easing into that, to completely juice cleanses. And there is a lot of info and support on what to do along with the cleanse, easing out, etc.

This is a great little book with a lot of info and recipes. I would definitely recommend this to a friend 🙂

I can’t say enough good things about Adina, and the cleanses she advocates, and this book. Since doing my first cleanse with her two years ago, I’ve continued to cleanse a few times a year. Each time I feel amazing and in fact, I love her recipes so much I’ve incorporated many of them into my routine.

Adina’s cleanses are great for so many reasons:
1) she gives you many options to find the right cleanse for you
2) they are nutrient dense so you are not starving yourself
3) her recipes are delicious!

My experience with her cleanses has been fantastic. I was very curious about cleansing but weary of something like the master cleanse because it seems like you’re just starving yourself. Adina’s cleanses are chocked full of nutrients and your body thanks you very quickly for it. I’ve done her Urban Revitalizer cleanse 2x now, her Green Buzz cleanse 2x, and have settled on a hybrid of the two as best for me. They first day or two can be tough, but by day three I feel fantastic, my skin looks fantastic, and I find them surprisingly easy to stick to, even when I’m doing it all on my own and doing all the prep myself. Once you get as far as day one or two, you’re far enough in, I find it pretty easy to stick to it.

Even if you’re not looking to cleanse, this book is full of so many fabulous recipes. Adina’s liver cleansing smoothie (grapefruit, pear, flax oil, and cayenne pepper) has become breakfast for me at least once a week. Green juices are a treat I make as often as I can. Her kale salad, apple porridge, green soups, and nori wraps are all staples in my diet and hits with even my most carnivorous friends.

Can’t recommend this book highly enough.